About the Symposium

The 'Green by Design: Advances in Chemistry and Engineering' symposium is our 6th annual symposium and is designed to connect students, post-doctoral fellows and faculty members interested in Green Chemistry & Engineering with current leaders in the field to discuss advances in chemical processes and industrial technology. The symposium is a two and a half day event which will take place on May 23rd - 25th, 2018. All symposium events will take place on or near the University of Toronto - St. George Campus.

Highlights of this year's Symposium include:

  • Keynote lecture by Prof. Frank Gu, University of Waterloo
  • Hands-on case study led by Prof. Warren Mabee, Queen's University
  • An optional crash course on the fundamentals of Green Chemistry
  • Research poster session (three prizes will be awarded) and networking events
  • Seminar talks on innovations in oils sands, agricultural, apparel, bio energy technologies, and more!
  • An excellent chance to make connections with current sustainability experts for future job opportunities