Green Chemistry at Science Rendezvous

As part of our public outreach activities, we participate in Science Rendezvous every year to teach kids and the general public about green chemistry. Our main activity is a hands-on assembly of a solar cell, using blackberry juice as the light-absorbing dye, which we then test to show that light energy can be converted into electricity. We also talk about the impact that green chemistry can have, given the importance of chemistry to everyone's daily lives. We always get great feedback at our booth, especially from the parents!

Collaboration with Let's Talk Science

It is important that we promote awareness about green chemistry to both chemists and to the general public. We are currently working with Let's Talk Science to design kid-friendly, interesting activities centered around the principles of green chemistry. Through these activities, we hope to break some of the common myths about chemistry and to provide a general overview of what green chemistry is and why it matters.