The Green Chemistry Initiative's Waste Awareness Campaign aims to educate students, researchers, and staff about how to properly dispose of both hazardous and everyday waste materials. We aim to motivate those in our department to take the time and effort to reduce waste and to correctly dispose of the waste generated.

To do this we have compiled chemical waste data from the Lash Miller Laboratories over the past eight months into a poster found below. This allows students to see the contents of each discipline's waste, subdivided by waste type (Acidic, Aqueous, Chlorinated, Organics, and Solid), and readily displays the areas for improvement. The colours indicate a combination of environmental and economic considerations ranging from less hazardous to most hazardous from Green to Red, respectively. The bottom of the poster describes what chemicals should be combined in each waste category, and what happens to that type of waste once it has been collected.

The next steps involve updating the table each semester to monitor the progress of our department by displaying the percent increases or reductions compared to the previous semester.