The GCI started in September 2012 after a group of graduate students realized they all had a mutual interest in learning about green chemistry. From that point, we have grown into the organization that we are today, still run by students and still dedicated to promoting green chemistry in research and education. Here are the people that make it all happen!

Interested in joining our team? We are always interested in new Members-at-Large - email to find out how you can join.

Current Members

Eloi Grignon - Co-Chair

I am a graduate student in the Seferos group working on organic energy storage materials. I was first introduced to green chemistry during my BSc, which I completed at McGill University. I am a strong supporter of this field not only because it places focus on sustainable practices that can reduce the footprint of scientific work but also because it stimulates research on non-conventional (and very interesting) approaches such as mechanochemistry, flow chemistry, microwave synthesis, and so on.

Francisco Yarur - Co-Chair

I am a graduate student in the Wilson group. My research involves the understanding of the formation mechanism of different types of nanocrystals made from less-toxic elements and procedures for applications in solar energy conversion technologies. I have a strong and active drive to tackle global environmental issues through chemistry and engineering. I believe that it is of paramount importance for chemists to focus on adapting our laboratory practices to develop greener and more sustainable procedures to decrease environmental pollution. Along with Eloi, we will develop a list of impactful initiatives for our organization and will also continue to collaborate with the Green Chemistry community to generate meaningful change.

Shine Huang - Website and Blog Coordinator

My name is Shine and I'm a 2nd year PhD. student in the Tran group. My research is the development of organic semiconductors with mechanically active properties. I'm very interested in solving issues in the world via innovations in chemistry. As website and blog coordinator, I'm hoping to develop a new website for GCI while also promoting our work to a broader audience.

Maggie Wang - Social Media Coordinator

I am an undergraduate student majoring in Chemistry and Public Policy, and an environmentalist at heart! I believe the key to good chemistry is developing green, efficient, and sustainable practices in the lab, and I hope to promote this more through the Green Chemistry Initiative.

Samihat Rahman - Symposium Coordinator

I joined the Wilson Group in 2022 as a graduate student. I'm currently investigating quantum dot-sensitized photon upconversion in solid-state devices while also doing some optical spectroscopy on the side. I believe green chemistry is essential and of utmost importance for the pursuit of science, as well as in terms of finding solutions to many widespread issues. I'm excited to coordinate this year's symposium and continue the tradition of connecting, reflecting on, and advancing green chemistry across Canada and beyond.

Victor Lotocki - Treasurer

I am a graduate student in the Seferos group, where I work on the synthesis and self-assembly of conjugated polymers. This is my second year in the GCI, first as treasurer, and I will primarily work to obtain funding for the initiative and its events, ensuring that all operations run smoothly. My first real introduction to green chemistry was only a couple of years ago through the GCI, and I will aim to promote this topic to a broader audience.

Peter Liu - Seminar Series Coordinator

Peter Liu has completed his BSc at Concordia University. After a brief period in industry, he obtained his MSc at Concordia University under the supervision of Prof. Pat Forgione. His MSc thesis focused on decarboxylative cross-coupling. He is currently interested in the synthesis of novel conjugated polymers. Outside of the lab, Peter likes to cook and collect rare books.

Olivia Mann-Delany - Secretary

I am a first year graduate student co-supervized with Prof. Helen Tran and Prof. Landon Edgar. This is my first year as secretary with the GCI and I'm looking forward to promoting green chemsitry.

Mina Stefanovic - Symposium Organizer

I am a graduate student in the Wheeler Lab. My research focuses on digital microfluidics for clinical applications, specifically point-of-care diagnostics. I was initially on the 2023 GCI symposium organizing committee, an event I encourage everyone to register for this year, before formally joining the GCI. This upcoming year, I look forward to becoming even more involved with the GCI team and continuing to educate myself on green chemistry and sustainable laboratory practice.

Alicia Battaglia - Education and Outreach Coordinator

I’m a 5th-year PhD candidate in the Seferos Group. My research focuses on investigating organic materials for energy storage applications. I joined the GCI to connect with other like-minded chemists passionate about green chemistry, as well as educate our department and the broader Chemistry community on best sustainable practices.

Karolina Rabeda - Energy Reduction Coordinator

I joined the Lautens group in 2022 as a PhD student. My research work focuses on carbofluorination chemistry. I completed my BSc and my MSc at U of T, focusing on catalysis, a green alternative to stoichiometric reactions. My goal in joining the GCI is to be a part of a community that is interested in looking for green, safe and efficient alternatives in chemistry that can have a positive and sustainable impact.

Jack Lin - Trivia Coordinator

I am a 4th year graduate student in the Song group studying small molecule activation by transition metals. I believe that green methods for the utilization of abundant small molecules is a fruitful area of research, and I hope to contribute to the GCI to further my passion for green chemistry.

Hayden Chalmers - Member at large

I’m a second year undergraduate student completing a double major in chemistry and biochemistry! I’m taking up a position working in a research lab on Hemoglobin binding and hope to apply green chemistry principles throughout my undergraduate degree.

Teh Ren (Terry) Hou - Member at large

I am a first-year graduate student in the Rousseaux group studying nickel-catalyzed reductive cross-couplings to make interesting molecules. I volunteered to help organize the GCI symposium hoping to promote green chemistry to a broader audience.

Austin Cheng - Member at large

I’m a 3rd year PhD student working with Alán Aspuru-Guzik on molecular generative models for accelerated discovery. I hope to learn more about green chemistry and how machine learning can promote sustainable discovery.

Hao (Tom) Xu - Member at large

I am a Ph.D. student in the Seferos group. My research involves the synthesis and characterization of monodisperse sequence-defined conjugated oligomers. I am keen on green chemistry and sustainable strategies for next-generation organic synthesis.

Joaquin Carlos Chu - Member at Large

I am a first year graduate student in the Wilson Lab, interested in the synthesis and application of colloidal nanocrystals. It is centered around "greener" nanocrystal alternatives and has led to my interest in working with the GCI to both promote and learn more about green chemistry!

Victoria Kirou - Member at Large

Hello! I’m Victoria, the Teaching Laboratory technician for the Dept. of Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry (I wear a pink lab coat, so it’s hard to miss me running around Lash Miller)!

I earned my BASc. in Chemical Engineering from UofT in June 2022 and started working here in August 2022 (couldn’t get enough of UofT!). I was very passionate about “green engineering” in my undergrad, especially in the oil and gas industry. In my 4th year I published a research paper with two other peers that highlights the future of oil and gas in the next 25 years, and the need for this industry as a whole to shift towards cleaner and greener technologies!

Jacob Przywolski - Member at Large

My name is Jacob Przywolski, and I am a first-year graduate student in the Seferos group. I did my undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto, and have previously worked in the Stephan lab and then the Seferos lab for my undergraduate thesis project. Currently working on membrane polymers for use in CO2 electrolyzers. Outside of the group, I enjoy cooking and baking, playing video games, making cocktails, and spending time with friends.

Past Members

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