About the Symposium
The 'Innovations in Chemistry towards Sustainable Urban Living' symposium is our 4th annual symposium and is designed to connect graduate students interested in Green Chemistry with current academic and industrial leaders to discuss future goals about environmental sustainability and greener chemical processes associated with urbanization and modern urban life. The symposium is a two and a half day event which will take place on May 11-13, 2016. All symposium events will take place on or near the University of Toronto St. George Campus.

Highlights of this year's Symposium include:

  • Keynote public lecture by Dr. John Warner, a founder of Green Chemistry
  • Hands-on case study led by Xerox Research Centre of Canada
  • An optional crash course on Fundamentals of Green Chemistry taught by Dr. Barb Morra, for those who are new to green chemistry or need a refresher on the basics
  • Research poster session and networking events to obtain feedback on your own research in the perspective of green chemistry
  • Seminar talks on innovations in energy storage, transportation, crop protection, sustainable syntheses and formulations, and more!
  • Panel discussion concerning challenges of green chemistry associated with urbanization and modern technological challenges
  • An excellent chance to make connections with current sustainability experts for future job opportunities
  • Experts' perspectives on the role and challenges of green chemistry in the chemical industry

We are delighted and honoured to welcome the following speaker to our symposium:

Dr. John Warner-- President and CTO,-Warner Babcock Institute
Dr. Darren Anderson-- Co-Founder, Chief Communications Officer & VP Regulatory,-Vive Crop Protection
Dr. Glen Bremner - Research Scientist, SWITCH Materials Inc.
Prof. Barb Morra---Assistant Professor,-University of Toronto
Dr. Richard Blackburn - Senior Lecturer, University of Leeds
Dr. Tom Enright - Manager of Process Engineering Area, Xerox Research Centre of Canada
Prof. Philip Jessop - Professor, Queen's University and Technical Director, GreenCentre Canada
Paulo Springmann - Aerospace Business Development Manager, BASF Canada
Dr. Roger Frechette - Senior Director Business Development, Apeiron Synthesis, Inc.
Dr. Murray McLaughlin - Executive Director, Bioindustrial Innovation Canada

Symposium Schedule
May 11, 3-5pm: Optional crash course on fundamentals of green chemistry
May 11, 6-7pm: Keynote public lecture by Dr. John Warner
May 12-13: Full symposium days, featuring talks by invited speakers
May 12 afternoon: Poster session and networking event
May 13 afternoon: Networking event